EIB - Design review and construction supervision services of water and wastewater treatment facilities


1.BACKGROUND:Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company Limited (MWSC) has, through the Government of the Republic of Zambia, received a total of € 150 million from the European Investment Bank (EIB), Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD), The European Union and directly from the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) for the financing of the Zambia Water and Sanitation Project (ZWSP) and intends to apply part of the proceeds towards consulting services. The services required are for the Design Review and Construction Supervision of Water and Sewerage Treatment Facilities in the towns of Chingola, Chililabombwe and Mufulira within Zambia’s Copperbelt Province.MWSC presently operates 8 Water Treatment Plants with design capacities ranging from 14MLD to 70MLD; and 17 Wastewater Treatment facilities along with their associated systems including raw water intake, conveyance and storage systems.

2.OBJECTIVES:MWSC intends to procure Design and Build (D&B) Contractor(s) to carry out the rehabilitation and/or upgrade of water and wastewater sewage treatment facilities to enable sustainable provision of services within the towns of Mufulira, Chingola and Chililabombwe.MWSC therefore requires the services of a Design Review and Construction Supervision Consultant to ensure that the D&B Contractor(s) adhere(s) to the specifications and performance requirements set out in the D&B Contract(s) with MWSC.The Consultant shall:2.1. First, assist MWSC in undertaking contract negotiation and award with the D&B contractor.2.2. Review detailed designs prepared by the D&B contractor(s) in accordance with the design criteria and functional/performance requirements specified in the bid and contract documents to ensure long term stability and operating life of all structures.2.3. Monitor and supervise the construction activities2.4. Support MWSC’s Project Implementation Unit in the overall project management and implementation as agreed with MWSC’s Director for Infrastructure Development.The maximum estimated budget for the required services is € 2 million. The duration of the service contract is about 30 months.

3.ELIGIBILITY AND SHORTLISTING CRITERIA:MWSC invites prospective Consulting Firms with demonstrable experience in:1) Design of raw water intake systems including experience in coarse and mechanically cleaned fine screens and pontoons, raw water pipelines and pumping stations2) Design of water treatment plants (with water source being surface water and or ground water, excluding sea/saline water)3) Design of municipal wastewater treatment plants (including sewage ponds)4) Construction Supervision of Water Treatment facilities5) Construction Supervision of Waste Water Treatment facilitiesto indicate their interest in providing the services.The eligibility criteria, establishment of the short-list and the selection shall follow the Restricted Tendering procedures specified by the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) and the European EIB Guide to Procurement. Where the two conflict, the EIB guideline shall take precedence.The Consulting Firm shall be selected using the Quality and Cost Based Selection method.Expression of Interest is open to all eligible local and foreign based Consulting Firms as required by the EIB. The EIB shall not provide finance, directly or indirectly, to or for the benefit of, award a contract under any EIB Project to, or enter into any relationship with, an individual or entity who is subject to financial sanctions imposed by the European Union pursuant to Chapter 2 of Title V of the Treaty on European Union or article 215 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, either autonomously or pursuant to the financial sanctions decided by the United Nations Security Council on the basis of article 41 of the UN Charter. This applies without the need for the Exclusion Proceedings. The attention of interested Consulting Firms is also drawn to section 1.5 of the EIB Guide to Procurement (June 2011).Following the format of the application form (see paragraph 4 below):Economic and financial capacity: The candidate must provide evidence of its annual turnover (if the candidate is an individual company) or the average turnover (where the candidate is a consortium) in the last 3 years for which the accounts have been closed. The annual turnover must be at least 1.5 times the estimated maximum budget for required services. The candidate (where the candidate is a consortium, each member of the consortium) must provide information on its cash and cash equivalents for these years (excluding this contract).The candidate must provide information on its professional capacity such as the minimum number of permanent staff in the last 3 years.Technical capacity: Interested Consulting Firms must provide information demonstrating that they are qualified to perform the services in the form of brochures, clear description of similar assignments including assignments in sub-Saharan Africa, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc.Similar assignments (Reference Projects) must meet the following criteria:— Interested Consulting Firms must provide, for each of the areas of work listed above, a minimum of three (3) reference projects which must have been successfully completed in the last 7 years (i.e. from January 2010 to 31 March 2017). One reference project may cover more than one area of work. The total number of reference projects for this application must not exceed thirty (30).— The value of the consultancy services provided for at least one (1) reference project for the areas of work must meet the following minimum consulting fee thresholds:1) Raw Water Intake Facility Design, including raw water pipeline and water pumping station – €150,0002) Water Treatment Works Design including Computer Aided Design (CAD) – € 250,0003) Wastewater Treatment Facility Designs including CAD – € 200,0004) Construction Supervision of water treatment facilities – € 300,0005) Construction Supervision of wastewater treatment facilities – € 100,000— Interested Consulting Firms must provide at least two (2) Reference Projects, successfully completed in the last seven (7) years, for:a. Water Treatment Facility and Design Review and Construction Supervision for construction works having a capital value of at least € 10,000,000 or other currency equivalentb. Wastewater Treatment Facility Design Review and Construction Supervision for construction works having a capital value of at least € 5,000,000 or other currency equivalent— All key personnel must also be registered with relevant nationally/internationally recognized professional institutions. Proof of qualifications/professional registration (certificates) will be required in the Request for Proposals. CVs are not required at this stage of the procurement process.— Interested Consulting Firms must also provide proof of the following:i. Detailed Company Profile stating the core business and years in businessii. Technical and Managerial Organization structure of the firm/s.iii. Certificate of incorporationiv. Valid Value Added Tax Certificatev. Valid Tax Clearance Certificate.vi. Proof of registration with relevant consultancy bodies.This information should be annexed to the application form (see section 4).— Interested Consulting Firms may associate with other firms in the form of a joint venture or sub-consultancy to enhance their capacity to successfully carry out the Service.The maximum number of applicants that will be short-listed is Eight (8). If more than 8 eligible candidates meet the above selection criteria, the relative strengths and weaknesses of the applications of these candidates will be reexamined to identify the eight best candidates. The only factor that will be taken into consideration during this re-examination will be the cumulative contract value of consultancy services (proportion carried out by candidate)— The Consulting Firm will be selected in accordance with procedures set out in The European Investment Bank’s Guide to Procurement for projects financed by EIB (June 2011). http://www.eib.org/infocentre/publications/all/guide-to-procurement.htm

4.APPLICATION FORM:Interested Consulting Firms must request for the application form in writing from the procurement specialist via the postal or email addresses provided below. Only applications which follow the format and instructions of the application form will be accepted.

5.REQUESTS FOR CLARIFICATION / INFORMATION:Interested Consulting Firms may contact the Procurement Specialist in writing such that the correspondence is received no later than 17:00 hours Zambian time on Friday 28th July 2017 via the postal or email addresses below.Email address: procurement.zwsp@mwsc.com.zm copied to louis.mwase@mwsc.com.zm

6.SUBMISSION OF EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST:— Expressions of Interest must be submitted as one original and three copies with clear contents pages and section markers.— Expressions of Interest should be submitted sealed in an envelope and marked:“ZWS2/C4XD/C/002: DESIGN REVIEW AND CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION SERVICES IN RELATION TO THE DESIGN AND BUILD OF WATER AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITIES”Expressions of Interest must be:— deposited in the tender box at MWSC’s Head Office at the following address: Musonko House, Kabundi Road, P.O Box 11712, Chingola, Zambia by Wednesday 9th August 2017 at 10:30 hours Zambian time.— or received via courier services at the address above and by the same deadline.Electronic as well as Late and/or faxed submissions shall be invalid and shall not be accepted.